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Things to do in Philly

Philadelphia, Towers, City Skyline

No visit is complete without a stop to the hub of history and entertainment. The place that birthed our most important documents of the country: both the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Independence Hall is flanked by various historical buildings and the Liberty Bell, where you can hear great stories about the history of America.
If you want to see a stark contrast of past and present, look no further than America’s first town. Cobblestone streets and brick housing will send travelers back to America’s past. Elfreth’s Alley contains actual housing that can be bought by the public, so it’s not simply a static museum. Stop by and meet the men and women who reside in America’s oldest neighborhood.
Art lovers and historians know that, despite New York and California getting the majority of the attention, Philadelphia has one of the best collections of artwork in America. The iconic building that it’s housed in are also more comfortable for fans of the film”Rocky” where they filmed the iconic scene of Rocky running up the steps.
Here you will find another classic cross-section of historic and modern Philadelphia. You can visit the historic City Hall or the popular Chinatown district, for example. Another Fantastic museum awaits you at the City Center, as well, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, along with the Civil War Library and Museum.
Take a moment to unwind at this scenic historic park which comes alive during the Spring. You will have access to the best museums and attractions in Philadelphia within walking distance, such as the Philly Zoo, Rodin and Philadelphia Museums, along with a traditional Japanese House and Garden. Throughout the park you will find various outdoor activities, such as tennis, hiking, and children’s playgrounds to keep you busy on a gorgeous sunny day.
Get lost in the terrific community and culture of Philadelphia in the most popular market in the nation. This is where you can taste all the Philly-native foods, hand-made, fresh, not frozen, and enjoy the beautiful scenery while you gorge yourself. Six thousand people come through the Reading Terminal Market each year, we are positive that amount would be even higher if you relied on repeat visits.
America’s first zoo is home to 1,300 animals, 42 acres of enveloping Victorian gardens, and amazing metal sculptures, which extends into the animal’s enclosures. Animal-lovers and nature lovers can’t miss this opportunity to see so many rare and beautiful species in one place.
This revered science establishment must be seen to be believed. It is a massive museum housing numerous popular exhibitions that are fantastic for all ages. You can learn about space, sports, electricity, climate change, and the human body, all in 1 day.
This is the only museum in the world that’s dedicated to the most important documents of the country. Inside you’ll find historical items and hidden secrets that lead up to the creation of The Constitution. You will even find 42 full-size bronze statues of the Founding Fathers, throw in remarkable detail.
Last, but not least is the interesting and enlightening experience presented by the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine. This shoe museum is everything and anything about the shoes that were worn in the past and present. Starting with the very first humble beginnings in Ancient Egypt, you’ll find examples of iconic shoes throughout history, as well as those worn by modern celebrities.